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Bonus CEC Points from Fitness Australia


Since July 2014 Fitness Australia has been working through a review of every single CEC course available on the market, authenticating its currency, the ability and skills of the course presenters and assessors, the content relevance to the current industry and overall business practises of providers.  Previously CEC points were awarded on the basis of contact hours... so for an 8 hour face to face course you could expect 8 CEC points on completion.  12 hours meant 12 CEC points and so forth through to the maximum allocation per course of 15 CECs.

Under NEW CEC guidelines, courses are now evaluated on quality of content and resources rather than the amount of information that a course contains.  Basically, better quality content (learning) with better resources to assist in retaining that learning are rewarded with higher CEC allocations if they are earned.  For this reason you may have noticed that many industry courses have been downgraded in CEC allocation.  Course providers have the opportunity to earn additional CEC points by implementing feedback from Fitness Australia on how to achieve more relevant, higher calibre training for the industry.

Our MMA Fitness Level 2 course and our STRIKE: Boxing & Kickboxing course were one of the first to be assessed last year, and both courses passed with flying colours through the re-assessment process.  BEST of all - each course was awarded bonus CECs, reflecting the high standard of both the MMA Fitness presenting team, the industry leading standard of course content and, of course what we have always prided ourselves on, the BEST in resources to assist in learning retention long after your training is complete.

Both the MMA Fitness Level 2 and STRIKE: Boxing & Kickboxing are now accredited for 8 CECs each effective immediately.  Both are one day courses and fall under the Boxing/MMA category with Fitness Australia.

Our MMA Fitness Level 1 course is in the final stages of re-assessment and we anticipate a similar result - we will keep you posted!

So now you don't have to take OUR word for it - even Fitness Australia agrees that our courses provide high calibre, relevant, quality training of Boxing/MMA skills for trainers and GFI's.  So when you are ready to add to, or upgrade your skills you know where to find the industries most innovative, quality training.

See you on course soon!

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Bonus CEC Points from Fitness Australia

Since July 2014 Fitness Australia has been working through a review of every single CEC course available on the market, authenticating its..
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